The TrapKing - Sterling Davis “You don’t lose cool points for compassion.”

Since we began, the goal of Bodega Cats has been to help bring a little joy to our friends and community. Over time, we realized that we can use our influence to help organizations that bring positive change to their communities. Bodega Cats donates the profits from our webstore and social posts to these organizations.
One wonderful organization we have been working with is TrapKing.  Using TNR (Trap, neuter, return) as a focal point, TrapKing assists, educates, and services communities to prevent overpopulation and spreading of disease in feral cat communities. TNR (Trap Neuter Return) is the only humane alternative to euthanasia for feral cat colonies. 
TrapKing’s unique approach to animal rescue builds awareness within new demographics and seeks to add diversity and awareness in animal rescue going forward. Their mission is to change the stereotypes of not only men in cat rescue, but also bridge the gap in communication between black communities and animal rescue/local shelters.
Please take a moment to support them by following them on their socials or donating to help their cause.  You can learn more about the TrapKing and their work below:
If you work with charitable organizations you feel we should be involved with feel free to reach out to us at
More to come!